Horizontal blinds

modern and stylish horizontal blinds directly from the manufacturer

Modern-looking aluminum blinds are still the most common and most popular shading element in the interior. The color spectrum of the blinds is really large, decide according to your interior.

Horizontální žaluzie - JACKODESIGN a.s.
Vertikální žaluzie

What are the advantages of horizontal blinds?

  • Provides protection from the scorching sun and unwanted light
  • Replaces heavy curtains and other similar "dust collectors"
  • Protects your privacy from unwanted views from the outside
  • They have a long service life

Why are they still a hit?

Horizontal blinds have gained their popularity mainly for easy installation and easy handling. It is also worth mentioning the simple maintenance and huge color options, including imitation wood.

Portolio of horizontal blinds
Vertikální žaluzie
Vertikální žaluzie

Horizontal blinds

With horizontal blinds, you can not only easily regulate the amount of light entering the rooms, but also gain enough privacy. You will have a unique control over sunlight and in the summer also cooler air in the room.


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